steven aitchison

How Your Ego Can Help You Get Your Goals

Do you find it hard to reach your goals?

Are you consistently giving up on your goals and then feeling a failure for doing so?aim-for-success

Well, it’s time to buck the trend and finally reach your goals.

I’ve just read a great description by psychology expert  Steven Aitchison of what goes on inside our minds when we are setting and seeking our goals.

You may have heard the terms, Id, Ego and Super Ego. These were terms coined by Sigmund Freud as part of his theory of the personality.

  • The Id is the part of you that craves pleasure and the basic desires in life. When it gets the basics it moves on to other pleasure seeking thrills.
  • The Super-Ego will give you all the reasons why it will or won’t work. It will look at the successes and failings of your past and correlate it with your current goals.
  • The Ego is the go between for the Id and the Super-Ego trying to satisfy both of them with reasoning and acts like the mother/father figure.

So your aim is to satisfy all 3 parts of the personality. How do you do this?

Here are 3 ways Steven suggests to reach your goals quicker:

  1. Play to your strengths: This allows less chance for doubts to creep into your mind.
  2. Smaller goals for larger gains: Make your goals something that will be easily achievable at first.
  3. Communicate your goals on different levels: When you set yourself a goal, make sure to communicate to your mind on different levels such as visualisation, writing it down and listening to interviews of people who have already achieved the goal.

All of this helps to entrain your brain into thinking about success and directly communicates with the Super-Ego to appease it and make it believe you can achieve your goals. In essence, you are giving yourself evidence that your goals can be achieved.

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