How to Take Control of Your Time … and Your Life!

The more you focus on using your time more effectively, the stronger you will feel – and the stronger you feel, the more in control you will be.

So follow these 7 steps for putting your chaotic life behind you and developing a sense of getting things done.

Step 1: Harness the Power of Calm

Sometimes, it seems like the busier you are, the less time you have to complete everything on your to-do list. That’s because your mind tends to race when you’ve got a lot going on. So to break that habit, try just sitting quietly for a while and releasing troublesome thoughts. Call it ‘meditation’ and add relaxing music if you want but that’s all there is to it.

Step 2: Simplify Your Life

The busier you are, the more it seems as though energy is being drained from your body. But, if you can simplify your life, you’ll find your energy and focus gradually returning. The two keys to this are eliminating:

  • Physical clutter and trash from your surroundings.
  • Emotional burdens such as unhealthy relationships, unresolved issues, long-held grudges, old limiting beliefs, and much more.

Step 3: Lighten Your Load

Whatever responsibilities are weighing you down and eating up too much time, the easiest way to lighten your load immediately is to ask for help. Most often when you do, other people will be glad to pitch in. They may not realize you need help if you don’t say anything!

Step 4: Beat Procrastination

Procrastination can sometimes be just an annoying habit but it can destroy your life if you let it, causing financial difficulties, relationship problems, health crises, and more.Time is Money

There are many causes for procrastination but here are three common ones:

  • Believing a task will ‘take too long’, so you keep putting it off until you have more time.
  • Believing a task will be too difficult, so you keep putting it off until you feel ready to handle it.
  • Waiting for a ‘better time’ to tackle a task, such as waiting until you have less demands on your time.

The best way to deal with all three of these procrastination habits is to do a little each day!

Here’s how I resist the procrastination urge…

I’ll set a timer for 15 minutes and promise myself that I can stop after that if I want to. Once the 15 minutes are up, however, I no longer feel the need to procrastinate. I’m making progress and feeling good about it.

Step 5: Overcome Confusion
If you’ve got a million things on your mind and you’re trying to remember them all at once, it’s easy to feel a rampant sense of confusion. But most of us tend to jump into each task without thinking through everything that needs to be done. To help you keep it all together much more easily, try to plan ahead of time. Just a few minutes of preparation goes a long way toward reducing stress.

Step 6: Preventing Stress
One of the most powerful ways to prevent stress from even getting started is simply to get enough sleep! Experiment to determine your optimal amount of sleep – and then stick to it!

Step 7: The Power of Saying ‘No’
Most of us want to help others, whether we’re volunteering our time at a charitable organization or being supportive to our friends and family. But sometimes our good intentions can get the best of us. You have every right to help when you can and refuse when you can’t! And you don’t have to explain why or justify your decision. Surprisingly, most people won’t freak out over your refusal. Ultimately, what is more important to you: keeping them happy or keeping your sanity?

Remember, no matter how hard you try, you really can’t ‘manage time’. It’s all about managing yourself, and what you do with your time.

For now, I’m wishing you a calm, un-chaotic life.




  1. Excellent post Robert!
    I’m using a timer to work in sessions of 35 minutes. Then do something else. Makes you very, very productive.
    Being able to say No or Yes highly depends on who asks. Some people make it really easy to say no, but others can melt me down. Difficult!
    Simplifying your life is a good one, but I’ll go for ‘Overcome confusion’ or ‘Overcome information overload’. Deliberately skipping information that comes on my way really saved me tons of time. Missed some opportunities, no doubt, but still have time for other ones.

  2. I wonder if you have been watching me today. I need 90 hours to complete all the tasks.

    I love the way you deal with procrastination because just starting is the trick and setting the clock for the 15 minutes, is a way of teasing ourselves.

    So in 15 minutes I am off for that sleep you suggested. lol Thanks

  3. I love that tip regarding procrastination. And you are so right – sometimes the hardest thing is just to START, but once you’ve begun you are well on your way. Great stuff!

  4. I like your article very much. I’ve been stressed these days because of work. So I have to follow your second step and simplify my life. I hope this will do it…

    good article!

  5. Lots of good ideas. Of course I often find that the mind has a ‘mind of its own’ and takes me away from a particular plan of action with things like…
    “just a few more minutes on this” or “well this is more important” or “I can do that later.” I am currently using a multitude of techniques to harness my mind. oddly the more I slow down, the fatser I go. Visit my blog if you like.

    Lorelei Fs last blog post..Training Your Mind to Increase Mental Power

  6. Thanks for the useful insights. Most of us are victims of ‘not having enough time’, constantly under pressure trying to do this and that. It is amazing how taking time out to actually think and organise yourself can make a big difference.
    I like the idea of setting 35 minute objectives, very useful indeed. I am often surprised as the day comes to an end, only to realise that I have not actually achieved any of the tasks I set out to do. I hope that these 35 minute ‘habit’ will help me make the most of my days.

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