Motivation for Goal Setting from Zig Ziglar

Do you really need to have goals if you want to be successful?

That’s what the motivational gurus say yet some people try it and get nowhere.

So what’s the scientific evidence?

In this short video clip, Zig Ziglar talks about the science of goal setting.

To be honest, I found his style a bit over-the-top and irritating at first.

But I gradually realized why he has become such a recognized expert in the field of motivation and personal development.

He has that great ability to be memorable, motivational and educational all at one time.

In this video, he talks about the importance of goals and proves why they matter.

Goals, he says, create excitement and drive that lead to action.

Logic will not drive change but action will.

But, he says, don’t confuse activity with accomplishment. You can be busy all the time but still going nowhere if you’re not working towards a goal.

The importance of goals is proven in many scientific experiments and, in this video, Ziglar explains some of them.



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